Monday, June 4, 2012

How to fill DU Admission 2012 Online Application

This page is helpful to those students who are new to computer and internet and wish to fill DU Admission 2012 online. click on this link, this will open in a new window,

The DU College Admission 2012 website has 2 sections, right and left, assuming you are first time user of The DU College Admission 2012 website, you must need to register 1st.

In the left part of the website against each box fill your information correctly.

Fill your name as recorded in the marks sheet of class 12th examination board.

Choose your Gender>> male / female from the drop down

Provide your Date of Birth

For registration you must need a valid email id, if you have one fine if not create one and remember your email id and password; note it down.

Now enter Email id in the empty box.

In the next box choose a password (note it down)

Re enter password

In the next box submit image text as shown

Press SUBMIT, now you are registered used of The DU College Admission 2012 website

Complete your application process, apply to DU colleges admission 2012 online.

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